Tabea Anderfuhren
Richard J. Dobson


I was just a young girl when my father came to me
He said it´s time to leave your dolls behind
You soon will married be
The first son of my cousin has come to need a wife
You are going to land of milk and honey to live your life


Father I don´t want to
Father I´m too young
Daughter quit your crying
The deal´s already done


There was a wedding in the village and everybody came
They said that I looked pretty but I didn´t feel that way
So I left my father´s house, my husband took control
And I left my home and family in the hills of Kosovo


He goes back there every year
And he won´t take us along
I´m not allowed out of the house
I´m scared that he might phone


The girls are six and seven
My older boy is five
And he tells me that I´m nothing
And I´m the reason he´s alive
He doesn´t have to hit me
To keep me afraid
Sometimes I wanna kill myself
Just to get away


The neighbour gives me cigarettes
And chocolate for the Kids
But all I get from paradise
Is everything I give

Tabea Anderfuhren
Peter Reber


No bisch es Buech mit lääre Syte u niemer het drygschribe,
i schrybti gärn als erste dry, e Spruch wo dr söll blybe.
Ke Zierschrift u ke Firelfanz, wüll dä Spruch woni hätt,
sött klar u eifach drinne stah, fasch so wie nes Gebät.

Gib mer Ouge wo chöi luege, i wett meh aus nume gseh.
Gib mer Ohre wo chöi lose, we me lost de ghört me meh.
Gib mer Flügel wo mi trage, sowyt e Troum eim treit
u ne Stimm wo für all di Wunder, ab u zue mal Danke seit.

Gib mer Fües wo chönne loufe u d Geduld mal blybe z stah.
Gib mer Händ wo chöi begryffe, we dr Chopf nümm nachema.
Gib mer Flügel wo mi trage, sowyt e Troum eim treit
u ne Stimm wo für all di Wunder, ab u zue mal Danke seit.

Am Afang chasch no nüt drfür, was i dym Büechli steit,
ersch nadisna übernimmsch de ds Stüür u seisch wos düregeit.
Säglisch mal ganz her am Wind us verschlat dr fasch dr Schnuuf,
de blettere zrügg u schla wider mal di ersti Syte uf.

Tabea Anderfuhren
Tabea Anderfuhren


How could I give up myself for you
that was the last time
How could I give up myself for you
never again



No matter what I did it was wrong
never good enough
You liked me better weak than strong
how could that be love
It took a long time until I knew what to do



How could you blame me for who I am
cause I ain't that bad
How could you make feel bad and ashamed
for emotions I had
You didn't love me the way I am that's why I'm gone



What made you act the way you did
when it came to deep love
You were scared and afraid I bet
that's what made you run off
But I ain't giving myself to somebody who doesn't love me

Tabea Anderfuhren
Tabea Anderfuhren


Is it you that I belong to
Is it you who`s right for me
Is it you I can hold on to
Who`s the other half of me


How could I ever describe what you mean to me
There ain`t no words and I can`t hide how much I feel for you
But there is space and time between us
And I`m still wondering what the right thing is to do
So many ways and options to discuss
I just know I can`t bear losing you


How can I tell you how thankful I am for you
How good it feels to talk to you, there`s so much we`ve been through
But I still can`t make my mind up
About you and me and what we`re meant to be
Is what I feel for you not enough
I need love but also to be free


I know I make you sad letting you wait so long
I`m so sorry, I do feel bad. I don`t wanna treat you wrong
You are my friend, you are my soulmate
It`s true, to me you mean the world
I know I can`t ask you to wait
But in a certain way I`ll always be your girl

Tabea Anderfuhren
Tabea Anderfuhren


I need something else
I need something else
Is there someone who can help me
This doesn`t feel like meant to be


Every morning it`s the same thing
When I`m tumbling out of bed
I know my work, know what`s awaiting
I need something I`ve never had


I know well I should be happy
For having good health, having love
But I know why I can`t be
Just being satisfied is not enough


Cause I have dreams and I have plans
There`s somewhere else I want to be
But it just seems it`s not in my hands
And I can`t wait around patiently

Tabea Anderfuhren
Tabea Anderfuhren


Just a year ago we met here
I was dancing to the songs that you were singing
And in its magical and beautiful mysterious way
Music was the thing that made you say


Hey little miss, will you play with me?
Hey little miss, will you sing with me?
I don`t know where you come from
Or where to you`re rambling to
But hey little miss, let`s share this song


I don`t know what it was that made me fall for you
Cause I know that there`s no room in your life for me
But you`re an artist, you`re a poet, you touched me deeply, moved me so
You are a memory I`ll never let go


I`m thankful for the time that we`ve been given
And I hope and pray for us to meet again
There must be a reason for all this, to me it`s such a gift
And the beauty of it makes me want to live

Tabea Anderfuhren
Tabea Anderfuhren and Sinja Fischer-Anderfuhren


Sweet sweet honey, sugar sugar
Wont` you be mine, baby won`t you be mine?
Sweet sweet honey, sugar baby be mine,
Be mine tonight


See you standing, walking, talking, sweet and kind
Baby watching you will make me lose my mind
When you`re looking at me with so much love and joy
You tell me that I’m pretty, like no one did before
You make me feel weak, babe, I`m trembling
You make me feel like flying and make my heart sing


I so love your smile, I love your sparkling eyes
Your laughter sounds like music, you’ve got so many ways
To show me you love me, to show me you care
There’s no one else above you, with you I want to share
My emotions and feelings, oh I want you to know
I`m so full of love from my head to my toes