Hey Little Miss

Tabea Anderfuhren
Tabea Anderfuhren


Just a year ago we met here
I was dancing to the songs that you were singing
And in its magical and beautiful mysterious way
Music was the thing that made you say


Hey little miss, will you play with me?
Hey little miss, will you sing with me?
I don`t know where you come from
Or where to you`re rambling to
But hey little miss, let`s share this song


I don`t know what it was that made me fall for you
Cause I know that there`s no room in your life for me
But you`re an artist, you`re a poet, you touched me deeply, moved me so
You are a memory I`ll never let go


I`m thankful for the time that we`ve been given
And I hope and pray for us to meet again
There must be a reason for all this, to me it`s such a gift
And the beauty of it makes me want to live