Hills Of Kosovo

Tabea Anderfuhren
Richard J. Dobson


I was just a young girl when my father came to me
He said it´s time to leave your dolls behind
You soon will married be
The first son of my cousin has come to need a wife
You are going to land of milk and honey to live your life


Father I don´t want to
Father I´m too young
Daughter quit your crying
The deal´s already done


There was a wedding in the village and everybody came
They said that I looked pretty but I didn´t feel that way
So I left my father´s house, my husband took control
And I left my home and family in the hills of Kosovo


He goes back there every year
And he won´t take us along
I´m not allowed out of the house
I´m scared that he might phone


The girls are six and seven
My older boy is five
And he tells me that I´m nothing
And I´m the reason he´s alive
He doesn´t have to hit me
To keep me afraid
Sometimes I wanna kill myself
Just to get away


The neighbour gives me cigarettes
And chocolate for the Kids
But all I get from paradise
Is everything I give