Is It You

Tabea Anderfuhren
Tabea Anderfuhren


Is it you that I belong to
Is it you who`s right for me
Is it you I can hold on to
Who`s the other half of me


How could I ever describe what you mean to me
There ain`t no words and I can`t hide how much I feel for you
But there is space and time between us
And I`m still wondering what the right thing is to do
So many ways and options to discuss
I just know I can`t bear losing you


How can I tell you how thankful I am for you
How good it feels to talk to you, there`s so much we`ve been through
But I still can`t make my mind up
About you and me and what we`re meant to be
Is what I feel for you not enough
I need love but also to be free


I know I make you sad letting you wait so long
I`m so sorry, I do feel bad. I don`t wanna treat you wrong
You are my friend, you are my soulmate
It`s true, to me you mean the world
I know I can`t ask you to wait
But in a certain way I`ll always be your girl