Sweet Sugar

Tabea Anderfuhren
Tabea Anderfuhren and Sinja Fischer-Anderfuhren


Sweet sweet honey, sugar sugar
Wont` you be mine, baby won`t you be mine?
Sweet sweet honey, sugar baby be mine,
Be mine tonight


See you standing, walking, talking, sweet and kind
Baby watching you will make me lose my mind
When you`re looking at me with so much love and joy
You tell me that I’m pretty, like no one did before
You make me feel weak, babe, I`m trembling
You make me feel like flying and make my heart sing


I so love your smile, I love your sparkling eyes
Your laughter sounds like music, you’ve got so many ways
To show me you love me, to show me you care
There’s no one else above you, with you I want to share
My emotions and feelings, oh I want you to know
I`m so full of love from my head to my toes